Tradition and progress

For more than 100 years the name “Sachsenküchen” has stood for high quality and drawn from life kitchen furniture. Already in 1908 we began manufacturing furniture. Since the 1930’s the company expanded to one of the most important manufacturers of kitchen cabinets.
A superior production process, highly trained employees, a continuous effort to integrate new trends into our program and a good price policy were the reasons Sachsenküchen could maintain its market share and export its cabinetry successfully abroad.
This tradition is kept alive still today by “Sachsenküchen Hans-Joachim Ebert GmbH”. Our company evolved into a trusted and powerful partner within the German and international market.

until 1945

How it all began…

In the 19th century our company started as a brick manufacturer. After the factory was closed down, Franz Heide took over the company and started manufacturing furniture. After World War 1, under the leadership of Director Fritz Gietzelt, the company started the production of kitchen cabinetry with the trade name “Sachsenkuechen”.Then Sachsenkuechen’s business manager Alfred Hofmann expanded the company to become one of the leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers. During his leadership new Bueffet kitchens were designed yearly. With this he was setting new trends. During that time approximately 15 new Buffet kitchens were manufactured daily. Until 1940 an enormous economic growth shaped the company’s development but ended in the following years due to the impacts of the war

1946 – 1989

Leading the way in design and functionality

The consequenses of the 2nd World War had effect on the company as well and the resumption of production started with easy products, which were necessary for rebuilding. The production started under difficult circumstances, because on the one hand there was not enough resources and on the other hand there were great problems with providing combustibles for the boiler. In the year 1950 the company started to employ trainees again. 1955 the company became state-owned and was merged with other companies – the VEB (K) Holz Schmiedeberg was founded (nationally-owned company). Because of high production quality, increasing output and fast reacting to new customer’s requirements, the firm always presented itself with high success at the furniture exhibitions LEIPZIGER MESSE and KÖLNER Möbelmesse.
Due to rebuildings and new acquisitions and despite operative reorganizations and other challenges our company improved the efficency and quality and regularly came up with innovations. For that we got many awards, one of them was the highest quality title of the GDR: the certification mark “Q”.

1990 – 1996

Brave new beginning …

With start of the political change in Germany began the step-by-step divestiture of state-owned property and our company started its way to autonomy. That was the beginning of an exciting and difficult period in our history. Indeed, we had a well organized and ecquipped firm, but what we were lacking was seed money! Still existing as well as contracts in the export business which had to be realized inure to the benefit of us. The company was re-signed with the well-known firm name “SACHSENKÜCHEN”.

1997 – 2008

… and steady growth

In the following years an expansion was mandatory to stay competetive. For that reason exisiting structures were expanded and new buildings were created. On 31st August 1996 the roofing ceremony of a completely new complex of buildings was celebrated, which was inaugurated on 7. November 1997. AT 10,000 square meters, there were now new production areas, an administration and a seperate kitchen exhibition. This gave us the possibily to start our annual in-house exhibition in the same year.
Because of this expansion we could improve our production and extend our range of products, which allowed us further expansions due to increasing success. By reason of all efforts we gained the “Oscar for medium-sized companies in 1999.


100 years Sachsenküchen

On the 30th August 2008 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary. At the celebration the former Minister President Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf honored the company’s great achievements. The company can look back on an eventful and interesting history, which was even more successful. Guests from 12 countries as well as trade partners and long-time business partners visited the celebration.

2009 – today

With a lot of enthusiasm into the future …

Full of enthusiasm Sachsenküchen goes into the next 100 years of its history. A lot of investions in new production technologies as well as product lines were made:

  • 2010: expansion of shipping hall
  • 2011: start of new product line SK130 with 130 mm rasters
  • 2012: start of laser technology “LaserEdge” in the production of edges
  • 2015: Integration of old product lines DD2000 and ‘Venezia’ to complete the SK130 product line (cabinet height 720 mm and handleless kitchen)
  • Modernisation of cutting processes in worktop production and expansion of storage capacities

… and tomorrow

The future needs the past

We will in future continue to work with our partners to create customer-focused, practical solutions, ensuring that our kitchens complement your home beautifully. Perhaps it is our deep understanding and unwavering dedication to our products that makes us strive to constantly come up with new ideas, whilst still staying true to our traditions and core values. After all, there can be no future without a past.