Color consistency – inside and outside

24+1 housing decorations are available with the same interior and exterior decoration. The interior color of the carcass is standard for all types of furniture as is the exterior color (except carcasses with / visible / glossy / lacquered / veneered sides).

Frame construction
  • Multilayer particle board 16 mm thick
  • Wall cabinet hinge with release safety
  • 5 mm thick back wall HDF
  • Back wall rebated and screwed
  • Outer edge folded and sealed
  • Shelf handles for 3 mm boreholes
Wood-core plywood carcase

Our carcase made of wood-core plywood is extremely high quality and even more robust. Compared to 19 mm chipboard, this has 3.5 times the flexural strength with 10% lower weight. The perfect solution for stacking plates. In addition, the screws used to fix the components are even more secure in the solid middle layer of the wood-core plywood carcase. It doesn’t get any stronger than this!

Color options