laminate worktops

Our traditional laminate worktop brings positive moods to the kitchen with its robust laminate surface and lots of wonderful styles. It is also very low maintenance, thus providing the perfect basis for day-to-day kitchen work.

FENIX worktops

The ultra-modern, intelligent material can do practically anything: no fingerprints, high resistance to scratches, abrasion, heat, acidic cleaning agents, antibacterial and easy-care. If a micro-scratch occurs, it can be repaired.
Using the same visual and haptic material in the front and in the worktop opens up new design possibilities.

composite worktops

Classic laminate worktops are versatile, but they are not suitable for flush installation of hobs or sinks. The composite worktop is the enhanced version of the classic and, thanks to the non-swelling functional layer between laminate and chipboard, enables exactly this type of installation. The laminate layer is stronger than usual and therefore even more robust.

compact worktops

Our compact worktops are extremely durable and dimensionally stable, as their core consists of numerous melamine layers pressed together under very high pressure. By dispensing with swelling material, there are practically no limits for the installation of sinks and hobs.