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Innovation and Sustainability

Linoleum, the future starts today!

With the new exclusive linoleum fronts, a new era begins in the kitchen segment. The application of this pure and natural product, through highly sustainable manufacturing processes, provides our customers with a more elegant, refined and highly resistant finish. Based on linseed and almost 100% recyclable materials, the new leona doors are now available to order, in different color options. Awarded with the Indutreal Designe, Interzum and Red Dot Designe awards, it is clear that with the new linoleum fronts, Sachsenküchen maintains, in a sustainable and continuous manner, innovation as one of its main pillars. Come and take a closer look at this innovative material and other trends that we have carefully prepared for you.

Tailor-made kitchens

The proportion of renewable raw materials is 81%. The main components are linseed oil, resins and wood flour.

Thanks to the combination of raw materials that fix CO2 and the use of renewable energy, linoleum for furniture is produced in a climate-neutral way.

The production process requires 8.5 MJ per m². The proportion of renewable energy is more than 50%.

Energy consumption: 118.5en MJ/m2 corresponds to 32.91 kWh (58.4% renewable energy).


Intriguing and innovative

It's never been easier to customize your drawer design in so many different ways. The high level of lateral stability guarantees smooth sliding, with two load capacity levels: 40 and 70 kg. It is important to highlight that load distribution is automatically adjusted thanks to synchronization control. Watch the video and get to know this innovative system up close.


glass laminate

Have you ever imagined having a kitchen made entirely of crystal in your home? Well, at Sachsenkuchen this is possible. Through the Alina (glossy crystal optics) and Adina (matte crystal optics) models, we deliver to the market a highly innovative and efficient solution, with a focus on resistance and aesthetics, which translates into an appearance very similar to genuine lacquer, but with all the qualities pertinent to laminated glass. Resistant to scratches and impacts, in addition to being easy to maintain and clean, Glass is the right choice for those who have creative children at home.


Ergonomics at your disposal

Working in a position with the appropriate height is essential for well-being. With the Ergomatic, the perfect height can now be achieved in an instant. Using an intelligent platform, it is possible to adjust the work area between 792 and 1040 mm, allowing suitable positioning for people with heights between 1.60 m and 2 m. The system works very simply and smoothly with just one touch of the button installed on the bench. The robust steel structure is available in two standard sizes (2,000 x 895 mm and 4,000 x 895 mm) and can also be ordered in custom sizes upon request.

Continuous grain

Upon request, your kitchen fronts can be manufactured so that the wood grains extend across several fronts – whether in melanin, veneer, horizontally or vertically. Such customization adds refinement and allows the perfect configuration of your dream kitchen.

Horizontal structure
Vertical structure

Laser Edge

Sealing process with laser technology
  • Greater durability
  • Does not turn yellow
  • Greater thermal stability
  • Better moisture resistance
  • No contamination between laminations
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing process


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05 Rectification of measurements

After signing the contract, we will send one of our installers to check all the measurements of your project so we can move forward with ordering your new kitchen.

06 Installation

Your furniture will be delivered within 6 to 8 weeks and must be fully installed within 10 working days. Enjoy good times with your family by replicating one of our food boxes, developed by professional chefs.